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Glossary for the airline industry

From A-Z, this glossary covers definitions and explanations for common airline industry terminology.

qualifying category

The conditional category that contains the information that must be met for the main category to be validated. See also main category.

quantum pricing

A type of optimized pricing where airlines make frequent updates on automated price determination and upload APIs, and then adjust the flight availability, linked to fare products, for specific customers or in specific situations.


A viewing facility that allows the display of records in the database file without updating. A carrier using this facility can view all its own records and the public records of all other carriers. An ATPCO analyst can view all records of all carriers. Each criteria set contains one or more queries. Queries have four parts: Inclusion Criteria, Exclusion Criteria, Change Criteria, and Match Criteria.

query set

A group of multiple queries that are used to view the same data from different tariffs.