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Subscriptions for sales channels

Differentiate your shopping displays and increase conversion

Subscription options for sales channels

Routehappy rich content improves data reliability, brand awareness, shopping experience, conversion, upsell and customer satisfaction. Routehappy offers flexible subscriptions wherever you are on your rich content journey.

Starter Pro Expert Enterprise Custom
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$2,500/moplus queries
$5,000/moplus queries
$7,500/moplus queries
$10,000/moplus queries
Fixed queries,per scope
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Amenities Seat, Layout, Aircraft, Wi-Fi, Entertainment, Power, Food, Beverages Test only: up to 10,000 queries/month
Amenities text override Rights to edit default Amenities description from API output
UTAs Advance change, Cancellation, Same day change, Checked bag allowance, Carry on allowance, Seat selection, Upgrade eligibility, Check in priority, Boarding priority, Lounge access Test only: up to 10,000 queries/month in select categories for select airlines NGS: categories to power Next Generation Storefront (Carry-on bag, Advance change, Seat selection only)
UPAs All standard and any airline premium UPA categories
API access Access to content types above via Amenities and UTA/UPA APIs
Amenities flat file Flat file data for Amenities instead of API access
Caching Time allowed to store data from Routehappy APIs without requiring a new call (compliance audit may be required)
Domains Unique sites/apps (e.g.., and Airtickets mobile app is 1 domain, and are 2)
Top-level domains Local versions of unique domains (e.g., and are 2) Localizations allowed are per unique domain
Support Lowest priority: email only Standard priority: email/video; no dedicated point of contact Higher/highest priority: email/video; dedicated point of contact
Category Item Starter Pro Expert Enterprise Custom
Amenities Test only Yes Yes Yes Yes
Amenities text override No No Yes Yes Yes
UTAs No Test only NGS Yes Yes
UPAs Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Category Item Starter Pro Expert Enterprise Custom
API access Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Amenities flat file No No $ $ Yes
Caching No No 4 hr 24 hr 24 hr
Domains 1 1 Up to 3 Unlimited Unlimited
Top-level domains 1 Up to 3 Up to 5 Up to 10 Unlimited
Support No Standard Higher Higher Highest


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