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Accessing Routehappy Content will soon be simpler and faster

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A new Routehappy API will be available in mid-August, supporting industry recovery efforts and providing simpler and faster access to airline retailing content.

ATPCO has been reimaging the Routehappy API throughout the pandemic, and external partner testing is underway now. The new API creates a more efficient and comprehensive way to distribute essential retailing and flight experience information, including COVID-19 related content, from airlines to channels.

The Routehappy product suite of UPAs, Amenities, and UTAs provide essential retailing content to take flight shopping beyond price and schedule. Wherever you are on the retailing journey, getting relevant retailing content has never been easier.


Quicker, cleaner, API delivery of content to power retail flight shopping

The new Routehappy API brings all Routehappy Content types together into a single endpoint, offering a more robust and efficient way to source retailing data:

  • More accurate processing – The new request and response schema is more intuitive, and the rebuilt key fare identification services ensures that data is even more accurate. By including the entire itinerary in requests, and additional inputs like RBD (reservation booking designator), POS (point of sale), and passenger type we are able to better match the fare record.
  • More complete results – There is expanded processing of UTAs for the benefit and restriction data for baggage, change, and cancel policies, including the ability to process corporate fares.
  • Stability and speed – An overhauled tech stack and significant architectural improvements mean this new API operates more efficiently at scale. There are dramatically improved data transfer speeds and faster handling of high volumes of data.
  • Consolidated access – All Routehappy Content can be accessed through one endpoint, and in one request, making it easier than ever for channels to consume this content. For those partners that are not ready for the new schema and functionality just yet, there are Backwards Compatible endpoints for both Amenities and UTA/UPAs to make the migration to the new API as easy as possible, requiring a minor change to the authorization.
  • Enhanced security – The authorization method is more secure and consistent with ATPCO security standards where the required API key and token are refreshed hourly.
  • Ease of adoption – Developers can find better documentation and self-service tools on our improved ATPCO Developer Portal. Here you can access, learn, and test ATPCO APIs within a few clicks.

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