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Routehappy and Porter Airlines deliver visually compelling offers for an experience worth craving

Porter Airlines before and after flight visuals

Porter Airlines is growing exponentially. This Canadian airline is increasing their fleet by up to 100 new Embraer E195-E2 aircraft and adding dozens of new routes across North America in the coming years. With this significant investment and a customer-centric mindset, Porter Airlines was ready to start creating stunning visuals to easily show travelers and travel agents the style and generosity they can expect while on board.

Revolutionizing short-haul flying and the flight shopping experience

tapping into the powerful capabilities of RoutehappySince 2006, Porter Airlines has been elevating the experience of economy air travel for every passenger. They have received international acclaim for their refined approach to service, including providing complimentary wine and beer in real glassware, premium snacks, and fresh, healthy meals; there are also no middle seats on any Porter flight. So, how did they take this unique service offering and package it into one simple, easy-to-understand shopping display? By tapping into the powerful capabilities of Routehappy.  

Porter Airlines realized that today’s flight shoppers expect more than just a price and schedule when they’re shopping for flights. The consumer mindset has shifted from what’s been the “traditional” way of flight shopping to expecting a more modern experience. They want visually compelling Routehappy helps us communicate our distinct service offering clearly and effectively through targeted messaging and impactful visualsoffers that help them understand what their trip will be like while they are browsing different flights. Routehappy lets this expectation become a reality.

“The Porter experience begins when customers search for a flight. ATPCO’s Routehappy helps us communicate our distinct service offering clearly and effectively through targeted messaging and impactful visuals,” says Kevin Jackson, Chief Commercial Officer at Porter Airlines. 

With Routehappy, Porter Airlines can showcase their elevated economy experience through real photos and visuals, while setting and managing onboard expectations for their customers. 


Distributing three content types for one “Porter Experience”

Routehappy has helped Porter to clearly and visually communicate “The Porter Experience” through captivating imagery and targeted messaging—embodying the true meaning of merchandising. They’re able to distribute all content types—UPAs (Universal Product Attributes), Amenities, and UTAs (Universal Ticket Attributes)—to visually represent their products through targeted content. 

Porter was looking for a solution that would differentiate themselves and promote their signature in-flight experience. ATPCO’s Routehappy has been the key to unlocking true modern airline retailing for Porter. 

How Routehappy helps deliver a flight shopping experience worth purchasing

Describing the flight experience starts with airline merchandising, and ATPCO’s Routehappy makes it happen. With a simple, scalable API; flexible integration; and ability to centrally publish content and broadly distribute it, Routehappy makes merchandising airline offers like Porter’s simple. 

If you’re ready to take the next step toward unlocking true airline retailing and begin delivering the visual flight shopping experience your customers are craving, it’s time to talk to ATPCO!

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